All sprinklers work - the second time they’re started

  1. Start zone manually - 3 of 6 sprinklers start - no leakage or water pressure issues visible.

  2. Start zone manually again - all 6 sprinklers start and work normally.

Really stumped on this one. Tried re-seating the wire - no change in behavior.

Any advice or tips appreciated. Apologies if this has been covered and I’m just not putting in the right search terms.

A work around would be to figure out how in the schedule to have them start for a minute, stop, then start again.

Are you saying that 1/2 of the sprinklers of the same zone did not work the first time, but did on the second? If so, what I have seen could be leakage, water pressure, or blockage say from a filter. Some sprinklers have filters built in and some also have a “self-cleaning” thing built in. I have to sometimes help my sprinklers a bit.

Yes, there are 6 in the zone, 3 start the first time. Sounds like Rachio system is doing its job and I need to physically get in there in more detail. Thx for the tip and I’ll reply back once I solve the problem.

Please do report back I agree that it sounds like Rachio is doing its job, causing the valve to open