ALL Rachio 3 Watering Days Disappeared Overnight

Watering days disappeared overnight. I live in Denver and it is brutally hot. A day or so ago the Rachio calendar showed many planned watering days over the next month, including this Friday 7/19. Now there are zero watering days. Same issue on website, iPad and iPhone. Getting ready to leave town and so the idea of no watering planned by Rachio is very concerning. Anybody else seeing this problem? Rachio Servers say they up and running.

Same thing here. I am in the Houston area and it’s more brutally hot :). Servers must be down because at the home tab all I get is “Updating Device Data”

Data updated but wiped out all of July’s schedule. Zones show next scheduled run will be Aug. 2. What the heck is going on?

It looks like our weather provider is having forecasting issues. They are quick to resolving, so this should be resolved soon.


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Have not heard from my phone and email support request, but my watering days re-populated at least for some zones.

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My schedule watered this morning then poof, no more schedules. I am in Texas. It gets hot hot and humid here. What happened? I have Flex Dailey Schedule running every Wed/Sat.

Hey @JimSpringer64!

Watering days showed up for a couple hours, then disappeared again. Raises the question - what is the default Rachio operation when your weather forecaster fails to deliver or has problems? I am running the maximum Flex whatever that is called, where 100% of my watering is scheduled by Rachio and your weather provider. Seems like there should be a default that keeps watering rather than remove all planned watering events when there is a weather data failure from your provider…