Alexa zone names

Rachio user guides say that you can ask Alexa to start a zone using the NAME of the zone not the zone number. This doesn’t seem to work. Any suggestions? I don’t want to remember zone numbers and my wife certainly won’t. Only using zone numbers is not intuitive. Please advise. Thanks.

Hey @Kaempfe,

You should absolutely be able to operate your zones based off their names and not just Zone numbers. I’d advise that the Alexa is a bit sensitive and you should check that you are speaking the exact command as listed.

I’d also recommend trying some of the alternative watering commands and see if you have any better luck with those, for example:

  • start the {zoneName}
  • water the {zoneName}
  • turn on the {zoneName}
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I am having the exact same problem. Every time I ask for a named zone, even with the above instructions. It always asks for a numbered zone, no matter how much I enunciate. And I don’t remember my zone names.

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