Alexa Skills more specific

It would be nice if Alexa could be “told” more specific directions or skills for Rachio to do. Right now you can only do “Alexa tell Rachio to water the lawn” and it will water ALL of the zones that you have. It would be nice if you could say “Alexa tell Rachio to water zone 1, 2,3 and 5” (for example) and then tell Alexa how long to run the sprinkler for. Anyone have any use for this as well?

Honestly Alexa has to get a bit smarter before it’s very useful with 3rd party apps. Any product I own that I have to say “tell so and so, to do such and such” is just annoying. I should be able to say Hey alexa, turn on zone 3. This is all on Amazon tho really, but it severely limits my usage of it when I have to “remember” proper phrases. And Alexa with sprinklers is fun once or twice, but really I want the timer to do all the work without much if any intervention.