Alexa Skill in Canada

I live in Canada and it appears that the Rachio skill for Alexa is not available for Canada as of yet (unless i’m missing something?).

As of now, i’ve left my alexa devices linked to my US amazon account to retain access to the rachio skill, but would like to move in the near future.

Please click that checkbox to allow full Alexa functionality in Canada!

Thank you!

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I had my echo linked to Amazon US but with support nearly there for all skills in Canada moved over and was disappointed I lost this skill.

This should be a quick fix. Any product updates on this?

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Same here. I moved to my canadian account with amazon and lost my skill to control my sprinklers. Wth?.

How is that region specific? I bought this specifically to controll with amazon echo devices. … now it doesnt work anymore.

We will be working on an overhaul of the Amazon skill including certification for the Canadian version.


Is there any update on the Alexa skill for Canada? On your website you mentioned that the Alexa app will not work outside the US and Canada which implies that it is working in Canada.

We are doing a full voice refresh and hope to get this skill approved in the UK, Canada, Australia as part of that process.


Do you have an estimated date?

Sorry not as of right now. It is one of our priorities for this summer.


Here we are August, summer is winding down…

Hot and humid and we still cannot water by Alexa.

Alexa was released in December.

Eight month… slow as molasses.

October now. Still have no update for Canada? Way past overdue.

We are working on getting our UK and CA certification, will let you know when it is approved.


Any update on Alexa for Canada? What’s involved in get a certificate? We are approaching Q2 2019 and still no progress.

Any update???

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Does anyone know of another Rachio competitor product that support Alexa for Canada? It would appear that Rachio does not care to respond or update.

This was approved sometime last year. English (CA).