Alexa-Rachio link dropped, cannot relink

My Amazon Alexa app (with Rachio skill enabled) has worked fine for over a year and allowed me to control my Racho Gen 2 thru Alexa. Today, all rachio requests caused alexa to say You must have a roachio account linked to your amazon account to use this skill, please link them in the Alexa App.

I did link them again as requested, yet the alexa skill still would not work … same message. Tried this several times.

Finally I Disabled the skill in the alexa app and then relinked the accounts. finally this worked.

I suspect the the alexa app uses Oauth tokens to access the Rochio account. When this token expires, it APPEARS that the alexa app continues to use the expired token instead of getting the new one that would have been created with a Relink request.

Suggestion: when the app detects a failure to connect to Rachio and a relink is attempted, the old token should be deleted first so that a new one can take it’s place.