Alarm.Com Integration

I recently got my gen2 rachio. It is fantastic, looks cool and does it job very well.

I have a question on its working with that was advertised during announcement. I have an account for my home automation and would love to understand how to make Rachio work with the same account too.

@ashunidhi. I’d like this too. From this post it seems that the feature may not be released yet.

And there’s this follow up. Maybe we’re waiting on an update?

So would this just be for monitoring from the app? Or are there other possible uses with the integration? Just wondering since I also have

I suspect the integration would be similar to that with the Nest Protect. IE, if there’s a fire, turn on irrigation to help stop the fire spreading to the neighbors. Not a high value integration for me.

I sent a message to my alarm company asking about Rachio integration. They contract out to Here is their response:

"This device is not supported with our system. There is not ETA on when that may be released. "

So either my company’s customer service doesn’t know about it or there has been a change of plans. My guess is that it’s still being considered or worked on by but hasn’t been released.

Thanks everyone. Hopefully the official support team can respond and let us know when to expect update from or from Rachio. I would be curious to know what the integration would allow us to do

Any update folks. With Memorial day here, even the unofficial start of summer has arrived. Rachio was thinking of releasing something in spring.

Not sure if they even read these forums and respond

@ashunidhi I was told a couple days ago they are in Beta testing, but don’t know any official release date.

Once we have an official date I will forward along. I’m always hesitant to predict how long Beta testing takes.

Oh that’s harsh, we take a lot of pride in fostering a great community :wink:


Any update on integration? I bought my Rachio Gen 2 primarily due to the advertised compatibility with… only to learn it hadn’t been released yet. Thanks!

@curious103 I know they are still working on this, we are currently hearing Summer 2016.


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Can you ask the testing team when to expect this release now. It was originally announced with the device on Feb 2nd,then sometime in spring, now summer and we are 2/3rd done with official summer calendar. When do we get something and what are we even expected to get?

Sorry but it is quite frustrating to keep seeing these delays.

@ashunidhi, I have as well and always like integrated systems. However, what benefits would we exactly get from integration, or what would we do differently with the rachio irrigation system? Not a trick question, just trying to understand what i might be missing given your level of frustration. But then also, unless the integration has compelling user advantages, I have the rachio team rather work on product improvements than chasing for integration. Just my two cents :slight_smile:.


I wish you had read my full message. I actually ask in second last line - what are we even expected to get? If what they are goona release is useless they might as well shelve it and focus on what matters. If you have insight into what is coming out and that it is useless, I would understand your message.

My issue is this - if the company advertises at its v2 launch that this big integration is coming and is a key feature of Rachio V2, I would say deliver it. And by not delivering and pushing it out - you are frustrating customers or at least customers like me.

I am not an apologetic for companies that can not keep the key promises they make to customers.

@ashunidhi, I did of course read your full post - but assumed it was more of a rhetorical question, targeted at some expectations on promised user benefits you might have been aware of before making your buying decision. My apologies. I have been following the technical discussions on this forum for the last months, and the team in my view does a great job interacting and listening to their user audience. Having said that, I also came to realize that as such a young and small company, there is occasionally the over-promise and under-deliver syndrome on features when it comes to timing, but so far I took it as prioritizing of, as you say, what really matters in a complex software development project . I soon learned that this is quite a community effort, and not an IBM roll-out with earnings calls on the back end. I am actually thrilled to be part of it as a buyer, since my rachio $250 investment has already paid off in 2 months of irrigation savings while having a great looking backyard. That’s why I personally cut them some slack and roll with the punches, as this is an incredibly innovative and intuitive solution. I knew from reading up before I bought, that this might be a bit of work in progress.

I know, all of this still does not get you the integration, and my intent is not to be antagonistic or apologetic. I just encourage you to experience the product, the results, and the help from this community that you will get to make it a success. I am convinced you won’t be frustrated after that.

Cheers, Heiri


I’m being told some time in the Fall, sorry that is the only information I have received.


Any update? Thanks!

Has anyone heard anything about this recently?

So here we are in Spring 2017… is Rachio any closer to integrating this with Thanks

It was announced at the ISC West show, so when can we expect to see it?

Hi @curious103-

Unfortunately, this is on’s side, and they have not provided us with an update other than the one you shared. Like it says in the post, I think the best we currently have is this summer! I apologize I can’t be of more help :disappointed:

McKynzee :rachio:

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