After migrating to new app, moisture level and watering don't match

After upgrade to V3, my lawn’s moisture level is around 5% at this moment, but the watering won’t occur tomorrow (it is planned to be on Friday). I don’t know what happens tomorrow, will it rain? previous version shows tomorrows moisture level so that I can assume Rachio will irrigate or not. But not this app.

Also, the soil moisture value and the graph detail aren’t matched. sometimes moisture level is 15% but when I see the details of moisture level, it is 31%. The reason might be the ET value of yesterday keeps changing.

Hey @eunchan,

Can you provide a screenshot of what you are encountering? I am struggling to visualize what is going on with the graphs, specifically this part:

I don’t have the screenshot of the symptom. If I see it again. I will upload.
But the yesterday’s ET value issue looks like below. Until today morning, ET for yesterday was 0.1 in. So that Rachio doesn’t have to water the lawn. But as you see on the screenshot, it shows 0.15in now. So, it goes below 0%.

As you see ET for yesterday is changed .


I’m thinking is that maybe you are looking at predicted, and then when it changes for you, that is that actual.

thanks @Linn so unfortunately we cannot see whether the info is predicted (forecasted) or observed. anymore.

@mckynzee Is there any update yet? If the reason was due to “forecasted” , could you show whether the data is forcasted or not even it is yesterday data?