Advice on advanced settings for spring South Florida St. Augustine

We had an exceptionally harsh winter for us in south Florida in regards to temperature shifts, humidity, rain, and fungus. I spent more money this last winter on fighting fungus than ever before. Barely skated by. I had to basically turn off my Rachio’s intelligent weather and water manually when needed. It just couldnt get a good read on the shifting weather patterns and I’m not knocking it, What I need to know is if there is anyone out there that lives in the Broward/Dade County region that has a good grasp on the advanced settings for this time of year and going further into summer. I screwed mine all up trying to adjust for this last winter. Ive had this system for over three years and never had to worry about the settings until now. I have three zones covering 10k Sqft but each zone is watering at really weird lengths. The yard is fairly uniform and the three zones are almost perfectly divided. cant figure it out.

I had to up my times over the years to counter act issues with watering. My sprinklers in the winter seem to blow around more and are from my lake and dot get enough volume.