Advancement setting

I’ve used your rachio3 for over a year I like using the fixed schedule. To much trouble reported with the flex Schedule. I set my rachio to water every third day and have my hunter mini click rain sensor to 1 inch. My question is why can’t rachio advance my rain schedule by three days when the rain sensor is activated Right now I have to do it manually in the setting. I don’t care to hear your standard reply. Can you do it or not, is it something available in future update.

Have you turned on saturation skip and also have set the amount of rain it must register before it would skip to a number that makes it skip when you have had any significant amount or rain?

I don’t see people having issues with flex daily unless they are just starting. Once dialed in it’s awesome.

You might try a flex monthly schedule, that may allow the water skip to work better. But I’d double check the saturation skip setting first.

I’ll have to play with saturation skip. I have not played with that setting. However unless that overrides the rain skip I’m not sure how it will help me.

As I found out myself, it’s key actually. It’s what the unit uses to know you want to skip watering if the ground has been watered by measurable rain. I know seems odd but that’s how it works it seems.