Advanced Zone Adjustment

I have been trying to dial in my zones and have been told to decrease the run time in the zone via the schedule. I am doing flex daily on odd days. I want to adjust the actual zone rather than just the instance in the schedule. I have 2 zones that I have been decreasing the run time on, but I don’t think that is a suitable solution.

Is there a watering restriction reason that you chose odd days? Flex Daily works best with little to no restrictions on watering days. By opening it up to every day, it doesn’t necessarily mean that every zone will run, as Flex Daily will only run as needed based on zone settings.

I am only able to water on odd days. Would you recommend another option?

Not necessarily. Flex works best unchained, but still being able to water 3-4 days a week might allow it to have enough flexibility.

Who is it that is telling you that you need to cut back water?

If you want to post some screenshots of some of your zone settings, members here can advise any changes that might be beneficial…

Rumor has it that some cities will open up the restrictions for those with smart controllers.

Obviously just my 2-cents.
We’ve had watering restrictions and I bought the Rachio through my water company. I enabled Daily Flex schedules and told it to run every day ignoring all “community restrictions”. The Rachio has reduced water usage and I haven’t gotten warning mail from the HOA. Everybody’s mileage will vary, but I’m ready to mail in proof I am using a smart meter and reduced usage while ignoring their “guidelines”.