Administrator of my Late Brother's Estate

I’m the administrator of my late brother’s estate. I don’t have passwords or access to the network on which the rachio 2 is installed.

Can I connect the Rachio 2 to a new network and get it to resume it’s schedule, or would I need to install it from scratch?

Also, the power had been off for about a week. Did that erase the program, or is it stored in non-volital memory?


@Mark1 -

  1. One can reset just the WiFi settings and all the schedule and zone information will remain. If one doesn’t have the account and password for the Rachio account, then use the app to request a change of ownership with retaining all the other information (like when a new home owner takes over an existing Rachio).

  2. The Rachio does store the last schedule downloaded from the Rachio cloud in non-volatile memory. See ->

If the schedule is a Flex type schedule then it soon go to a every three days as it needs the weather forecast. If the schedule is a Fixed type schedule, then it will keep watering according to that schedule.

Thanks so much!