Adjustments for different grasses

I live in South Texas, so, by definition, I have chosen warm weather grass for any area of lawn. However, my lawn is not homogeneous. I have zones that are primarily St. Augustine, some that are mostly Zoysia, and some are primarily crabgrass. My understanding is that these grasses have different water requirements. Are there adjustments I can make to tailor each zone to its type of grass and optimize water usage?

@babydoc What schedule type do you plan on using?


flex daily

The easiest lever is adjusting crop coefficient +/- 5%-10% which just adjusts watering frequency and not watering duration. After changing advanced zone settings you can navigate directly to the zone moisture charts and see the new “simulated” watering behavior for the next couple weeks. I usually recommend starting with one or two zones (front/back) and see how flex daily behaves for a couple weeks, adjust, and then add additional zones as you see fit. Here is additional information that might help.


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Thank you. I will take a look at that.