Adjusting runtimes

New Rachio user - have my zones set up with Flex Daily. It’s speccing 3-4 hours per drip zone, and 30+ minutes for each sprinkler zone.

The 2 drip zones have different GPH emitters, but I see no way to add that info for it to intelligently change the watering times.

Same with sprinkler zones - the front yard floods the street after the first 5-10 minutes, yet it runs for 30 minutes straight w/o any cycling.

Wondering what went wrong? I went through the effort of ID’ing soil type, grass type, elevation angle etc. but it seems to have gotten many things wrong.

The problem is the Nozzle Inches per Hour in the Advanced settings. It’s set by default based on the average for the sprinkler head type. Clearly, based on your knowledge, the flows for each zone should be different. If possible, it’s good to do a catch cup test or measure zone flow and area to calculate the actual nozzle flow.

If you can do either of those, we’ll be happy to help you out. Or you can simply change the values for now (increasing reduces time run and water applied).

I am glad to see there are some advanced settings. I’ll do an audit and tweak settings based on what the catch cans find. Thanks!

An easier method, IHMO, is calculating flow based on water meter or flow readings and area, if it’s not too hard to measure.