Adjusting for Billing cycle

I find it weird that current software doesn’t support water company billing cycle considering that a lot of users use your product to save money on their water usage. With current monthly view it’s impossible to figure out how much money does having Rachio saves. Could you guys please work on adding ability to change the watering dates to match users billing water company billing cycles. Please let me know if there is a better way to report this request where it will be seen and considered by dev team.


Brilliant suggestion.

What might be good is if we can add or have a panel in the App / Web site to add our watering billing ranges, so Tier 1 is up to 4k Gallons, Tier 2 is up to 20K Gallons, Tier 3 40K and Tier 4 >4 0K all with different billing amounts, so we can get alerts when we go over each tier, thoughts?

Better yet let us input of cost per gallon and let us calculate the dollar savings per billing cycle. We can then add that to Rachios gallons saved running total.

I plan to use my data to go back to the utility company and get a refund on the sewage charges associated with my usage

I agree. I was shooting for baby steps but you are 100% right. Their app is really lagging basic features and now that I have been using a while I don’t see much advantages over manual controllers (accept weather skips). I have also noticed that if you select daily flex schedule, which is suppose to save the most water, the app doesn’t even count saved time every time it doesn’t run. There are no real way to see your savings in the app.


Wanted to bring this topic back up. Any news/rumors this feature might be coming out with an upcoming app update?

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Have you heard anything

Nothing here.

Bringing this topic back up to the top.

Rachio support - Any insights?