Adjusting down, but never up beyond a certain point?

Thank you for anticipating our recent cooler weather and rain storms in California and automatically adjusting my watering schedule down. But is there a way to ensure that this seasonal adjustment never goes higher than what I want it to be?

So - yes to automatic downward, but no to automatic upward beyond a certain schedule that I’ve set?

@SusanBradley Sorry, currently there is no way to do that.

We do understand that there is some very stringent restrictions in place. At this time, the only way to guarantee that your schedule won’t trend up when warmer weather appears, is to disable the water budgeting feature on your watering time.

You can still leave the weather intelligence feature which will skip schedules based on observed and predicted precipitation.

Thanks and have a great day!


On behalf of every California resident, may I ask that this be put in the “Requested change” bucket please?

I’ll 2nd the request from @SusanBradley This is an area where a smartcontroller like Iro can really stand out above the standard fixed-time models. When the weather is cooler it saves water, but lets the user specify the maximum it can use so that it doesn’t cause the home to exceed the drought restrictions. And in the system email regarding the change it could say something like “We wanted to set zone 3 to 18 minutes but you configured the maximum as 14 minutes so that is the new setting”

@mikeT @SusanBradley Thanks for the helpful feedback. I’ve put your suggestions into our software backlog and once we get 2.0 out, we will review.

We are planning on releasing a ‘Drought condition’ feature which will adhere to some of the restrictions CA has put in place. More to come soon :wink: