Adjusting all watering times

We were not at home all summer and noticed all areas could use a little bit more water than daily flex assigned. How could I adjust all areas to water just a little more?

Do you see the little box with the up and down arrows for each zone?

Click on that box and you will see several options to either increase or decrease your watering.

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No. I do not see it. On the phone app?

Yes, on the phone app.
Select zones at the top left and it shows you all of your zones. For each zone you should see a small blue drop of water and blue up and down arrows.

There are no blue arrows on my screen. I am on android.

@dave11 - what @twin1 is referring to is only for those who’s purchase the lawn champion they are the only one that gets those feature hope this helps

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Adjust the crop coefficient down about 5% for each zone.

Up for more water correct? Do i need to have at least 4 water days for flex daily to work correctly?

No, I’ve never purchased lawn champion.

I remember this conversation few months ago

Water adjustment

No, I never purchased lawn champion and I have this feature with the iPhone app.