Adjust to FILL disappearing?

Flex Daily - This morning I set zones 5,6,9,10 and 11 on my system to FILL as we’ve had a lot of rain recently and I wanted to let things dry out a bit. Walked the yard this afternoon and I still have standing water most everywhere, so I decided to set ALL my zones to FILL — as I got to zones 5 and 6, I realized my FILL from this morning was totally gone!!! And the Weather Station is showing Forecasted for days in the past. I didn’t get smart enough to think to screen print it until zone 11, but here it is. What is happening?

This morning it had been set to FILL and I saw that. This is the moisture level in the afternoon. (today is June 25, and yes, I also did a FILL on June 23 which is showing. But where is the FILL from this morning?

And here it is after the FILL – can’t read it worth beans anymore!!! Days have been added in the chart and columns are just about impossible to read. (It now shows 9 days instead of 7)

Hey @Linn-

Things are looking crazy in that second graph for sure… What browser were you using when you encountered this?

McKynzee :rachio:

Chrome – after some thought time, I’m thinking that what may have happened with the FILL is that I did it from the web app on my iPad in the morning. In the afternoon, I used the Windows 10 PC where I already had the web app up. First thing I normally do is refresh it, and I bet I forgot to do that. That could explain the weird looking weather station and the missing fill. (BTW, I really don’t like it working like this, where it uses some old data and some new data). Then I think there is a bug where it just hiccupped after I did the fill because it still was being driven by some old data. I really don’t like it working like this. Whether the app has been refreshed or not, looking at moisture levels and detail should drive a reload of the latest data.

Ahhhh, that was most likely it @Linn. I agree, any change should automatically push a refresh of the data. I will make the team aware of the implications of not doing that