Additional Flow Sensor Support Badger 250BR0705

I have a Badger 250BR0705 already installed. It has a K value of 0.432 and Offset of 0.619. Would it be possible to add this model to the supported list for Rachio 3?

Spec Sheet for 250BR0705

Adding Badger 250BR0705 with K = 0.432 and Offset = 0.619 would be super helpful!

Unless something has changed, the flow meters really just establish a baseline, then alert if current running rate thresholds do not meet. So it doesn’t matter if your meter is reading correct GPM. I’m not sure where the gallons/month comes from, but I thinking its from the baseline, not the actual readings multiplied by minutes ran. There certainly seems to be rounding errors, as when I run for like 20seconds, I get 1 minute of usage shown.

Pretty sure that’s incorrect. It appears that real flow measurement from a supported meter is used whenever Rachio can determine it… during calibration or during operation - automatic or manual. Can’t speak for a Badger, but mine (EveryDrop 1004-EX) provides correct usage in a community with wildly variant water pressure (thus flow) overnight. It is true that if I disconnect or disable the meter, Rachio will back off to the calibrated (saved) flow estimates and continue to run. And it does use high and low flow alert limits derived just from calibration rather than operating history.

I can Quick Run a station and match the usage to the flow meter readings. I also know you can’t do anything in my irrigation system for 20 seconds and call it a measurement.

I wasn’t saying 20seconds was a “measurement”, but I do know that when I run for 20seconds to check/adjust a nozzle, the app shows 11-15gallons on the area, which is what 60seconds would be.

I haven’t checked to see if I step on a head to keep it from flowing if the app will register the reduced flow.

Do you know how much water is needed to fill the empty pipe from your meter to the valve and then to the heads? If you measure for 20 seconds, the 11-15 gallons may not be ridiculous. Measure for at least the “settle time” (or start measuring AFTER the settle time) that you’ve specified for the station - to see your meter in action.