Additional Flow Sensor Support Badger 250BR0705

I have a Badger 250BR0705 already installed. It has a K value of 0.432 and Offset of 0.619. Would it be possible to add this model to the supported list for Rachio 3?

Spec Sheet for 250BR0705

Adding Badger 250BR0705 with K = 0.432 and Offset = 0.619 would be super helpful!

Unless something has changed, the flow meters really just establish a baseline, then alert if current running rate thresholds do not meet. So it doesn’t matter if your meter is reading correct GPM. I’m not sure where the gallons/month comes from, but I thinking its from the baseline, not the actual readings multiplied by minutes ran. There certainly seems to be rounding errors, as when I run for like 20seconds, I get 1 minute of usage shown.