Additional flow meter alert needed

I think you should add another alert setting for the flowmeter. While the flow rate is useful, I find that it can vary a lot during each run and trigger the alert, even when there is no leak. What would be very useful is if you could set an absolute volume per zone alert. What I mean by this is that each zone tends to have a very similar volume per run, day to day, give or take a few gallons. When the number of gallons per run increases significantly, this seems to be a more accurate warning sign that there is a leak in the zone and not just some variation in flow unrelated to a leak.
For example, I have one zone that typically runs around 70 or 75 gallons per run. It recently went up to 140 gallons. The flow rate alert has not been very useful in this zone because the flow rate is high initially after I turn the zone on, so even when the absolute volume per run has been stable, it triggers a high flow warning (ie too sensitive). If I reset the alert to a higher flow rate, it will miss a leak because the issue that is more important is the absolute volume, or at least the flow rate over time, not for a few minutes.
Knowing that the absolute volume has increased a certain percentage would be a more accurate warning that there is a non-catastrophic leak.


@mchodos, are you aware that the time of calibration and flow/leak check do not occur until after the pressurization time ? If your system takes a while to pressurize to a consistent flow, you can increase the pressurization time and recalibrate. Then leave the pressurization time at the increased time and you should not have to worry about the fluctuations during that initial pressurization time. The flow is only checked once per run after that pressurization time, so you’re not necessarily measuring a ‘real’ 140 gallons (or 70/75 gallons) in the example you mentioned.

How do I increase the pressurization time?

It’s in the app., under the flow meter settings.

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