Adding WUnderground Station to Rachio with Gen 2

Good morning,

I was hoping to add this station to PWS

Thank you so much!

@green_mike Done (link), be on the lookout for PWS_Wx29552 :wink:


Gene, I am new to this forum. It looks like you are the guy to talk to:) Can you help me?

I just installed my new Ambient Weather WS-2902A today. I am having the same issues with connecting weather underground with my Rachio 2 through PWS.

I believe this is the info you need:

Thanks, John

@JohnR Done (link), be on the lookout for PWS_Wx92292


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Hello Gene. I had to be gone a few days, and I’m just getting back to this and I’m not seeing the ID you indicated I should look for. I log into my Rachio account and go to settings and weather intelligence, click on pws and the drop down list doesn’t have it listed. Am I missing something? Thank you for all your help.

Hi Gene, is there any chance of

being added to the list? I’ve just moved house.

@diggo19 Done (link), be on the lookout for PWS_Wx39354.

Please keep in mind that pwsweather stations take some time to show up at this time, if it doesn’t show up in a couple of days. Message me (link) and we’ll take it from there.