Adding vegetables to another zone type

I am going to add a vegetable raised bed to my backyard. I have no more free wires to add more zones and would prefer not to dig to add them. Which of the following existing zones that I can tap into would be most compatible with the water needs of vegetables?

  1. Cool season grass
  2. Flower beds
  3. Shrubs

Of those options, I would say flower beds…

Just know that you might need to adjust the settings a bit when the plants/seeds are young to make sure that they water every day. It may overwater your existing flower beds a bit, but it is that or supplemental hand watering of the garden.

Thank you for the response. My flower beds right now in the heat are watering every 3 days. With the hot weather, my grass waters every 2 days. I was leaning to putting the vegetable bed on a grass zone just for the high frequency of watering. I would rather do some hand watering than over water a good portion of the backyard.

What type of watering will be on the vegetables? Spray? Drip? What kind if drip? Drip line? Emitters?
I have drip line with built in emitters, 12 inches apart and each line 12" on center with a .9 gph for each emitter placed 3 inches under the surface. Right now I have it in everyday watering but for only 10 minutes. I’m trying to keep the soil evenly moist. When I plant new seeds I always hand water those sections (I use the square foot gardening method) until the plants emerge and a little past then allow them to find their own water.

I hit send to soon. :frowning:
I think if you use either the lawn or flowers depends on how long each one runs and how much water will be applied to your beds in that time. You might be able to restrict the flow to your beds if the applied water is to much. A completely separate valve would be the best but you might be able to compromise using one valve.

Hi JoeSchmo,

On my grass I use RainBird R-VAN14 adjustable rotary sprinklers with an estimated flow of 0.94 gpm (0.7 in/h). If I added the vegetable bed to this zone I would use bubblers with a similar flow such as the Rain Bird 1404 pressure compensating full circle bubbler. On my flower beds I use Rainbird PCT-10 pressure compensating threaded bubblers with an estimated flow of 10gph . If I added the vegetable bed to this zone I would use the same bubblers.

I have added links to all the products I have mentioned below:

If you use the exact bubblers in the vegetables it should be fine as long as you stay within the flow restrictions of your piping system. I made the mistake of using drippers in a existing system which had high flow heads. This didn’t work as there was no pressure to run the drippers.