Adding valve to run misting line

Hi! Have a Rachio 3 16 zone that I converted an older Rain Bird system to. 7 zones currently, no problems with running them or the install, everything works fine.
I’d like to add another valve that we’d run from a hose bib and connect to a misting line to install around our patio area. I purchased a Toro model 53380 24VAC solenoid that looked like exactly what we needed. Testing it out, I connect one wire to a common port and the other to an open zone, but when trying to run it the solenoid buzzes, but no opening. I’ve tried tapping it and multiple zones, but nothing.
I’m handy, but maybe not so versed in the needed electrical knowledge. I figured this would be an easy install. Any thoughts? Wrong valve? Defective? Defective owner? :slightly_smiling_face:

It looks right, but maybe it is defective. I would suggest trying another one.

So you wired up as it sits? In that case, I’ve not used this particular valve before, but I don’t know that you will hear much more than a slight buzzing as the solenoid is being held open. If you unscrew the solenoid from the valve body (in this case, the whole top of the valve, can you see a small plunger move ever so slightly?

I personally don’t like this style of valve, only because if the solenoid fails (which happens), replacements are hard to come by without buying a complete unit…

I wired it for testing purposes without having it hooked up to any water. No go on the valve opening, in any configuration I tried.

After two bad ones from Amazon, finally had the chance to run to Lowe’s and pick up a regular Rainbird valve they had in stock. Works fine, just what I needed. So much for ordering online.

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