Adding restricted watering days to schedule

Originally I set up the Iro to run once per week due to water restrictions. Later, I figured out I can actually water twice per week. I changed the watering days in the schedule, but my total watering times didn’t change. Do I have to manually change the times in each zone? Shouldn’t the Iro automatically reduce my watering times since I doubled my watering days per week? Right now, it looks like my water bill is going to double since I doubled my days. Someone help me out please.


Thanks for reaching out to us. So in this scenario you will need to reduce the durations that your zones run as the Iro will not automatically reduce when the repetition/frequency increases. This is something that we are reviewing internally though.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.


I personally wouldn’t want the Iro to operate as described above. I don’t want it to try and outsmart me.

Maybe if there was a setting that made it obvious that it would behave like this like a “max number of watering minutes per zone per week” or something to that effect.

I’d like to think the Iro is smarter at watering my lawn than I am. I’m just a big, dumb animal.

Anyways, is it a matter of going in and reducing the watering times to half? I thought the Iro took into account how long it should take for the water to penetrate the ground, etc.

Can I reset the system so that I’m starting new? Then I could put in 2 or 3 days per week and it will calculate correctly?

@Brandon1 lol, that’s how I would describe myself.

If you remove a watering time and re-add it will generate days per week + durations. Unfortunately after that changing days of week won’t affect the durations.

In our new 2.0 release coming out soon, flex schedules might be the feature you are looking for.