Adding rain sensor

Replaced Hunter Pro C with Ratio 3 . Have rain sensor I want to add from old controller. Has brown white and 2 red wires. Brown and White were hooked to sen’s and reds were hooked to ac1 and ac2. Do I hook the brown and white to S1 And S2 and the reds to 24 vac terminals?

Seems you have a Toro sensor, here is how to hook it up:
Rachio compatibility with Toro Wireless Rain Sensor (
Red wires are interchangeable, meaning it doesn’t matter which one you hook up to which 24V terminal.

. . . and you do not want to hook up one sensor to both S1 and S2 (those would be for two different sensors). I would look up the article that @Gene referred to.

Gene and Thomas thank you for your help. Went to my sensor and found it is an Irritrol. Went on Rachio site and found wiring instructions.