Adding non-traditional zone

Hey All,

I currently have 5 zones set up in my main irrigation system to water my lawn and garden beds. The five valves for controlling my zones are in the front of my house. I have a whole bunch of vegetable planters and flower boxes on my patio [back of my house], though, which aren’t hooked up to the main irrigation system.

I was wondering if there is any way to use my hose spigot + some valve to extend my irrigation system rather than running another 1/2" line all round my house underground. I know they sell entirely separate controllers for this type of thing but I’d really like it to get integrated into my main Rachio controller.



I have an above ground system with hoses but don’t know how you would tie that in to your below ground system. You could build something similar to what I have and then run wiring from the Rachio controller to power above ground solenoids. This is definitely not my area of expertise. Maybe someone more creative can help out :wink:


What is the water intake for your above ground system? Is it simply plugged into a hose?


You’re are also going to have to run wire to the where the valve connects to your spigot.

Are there…easy…strategies to poke a hole in my house to run a wire?

if you don’t want to drill through your wall you might be able to run it through your attic.

The old story of the peddlers kids…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think I have decided! To start, I’m going to run 1/4 lines + emitters to all of my plants on the patio (with 1/2" poly tubing to bring it around). In the very short terms I will just hook it up to my faucet and turn it on manually.

I’m going to investigate the cost of actually running a new zone. It’s worth noting that one of my zones already does a bunch of garden beds (but also has 2 spots of grass it waters). I know we’re not supposed to mix the types of watering per zone so I’m not sure why they originally set it up like this. Perhaps they could use this other zone as an opportunity to fix that.

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