Adding/Deleting a Nozzle

I actually have two questions regarding this. I am trying to create a new emitter nozzle but it will not let me enter 462 cubic inches/hr (i have a dripper that is ratted at 2gph). In trying to get this entered I created a new nozzle I don’t want. So, how do I delete the one I don’t want and how do get the correct one created?

Android hold down and delete the nozzle, iOS slide to the right to delete.

The custom nozzles are in/hr, not cubic in/hr.

I believe the max for non-cycle soak nozzles (emitter, bubbler, mister) is 20 in/hr, and cycle soak nozzles (everything else) is 5 in/hr.

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Ok found the place to delete, thanks. So what does 2gph convert to inches per hour, and why not have an option to make it changeable to gph since the drippers you purchase at a home improvement store are in gph.

I knew that was coming :wink: I’ll ask around our team, can’t remember if that has been posted anywhere yet. I haven’t looked up the conversion.

I found this

didn’t realize that i had to take into account spacing and a bunch of other stuff.

3.21 inches.

Yea, you are probably better off with catch cans/cups.

Does this work in 2.0? I can’t delete or edit any of my custom nozzles.

Also, my Rain Bird 5000 rotary nozzle manual tells me .34 in/hour. That’s way below your nozzle types. Is that realistic, or amy I reading it wrong?

Thank you

Your head to head cover will effect that number. It would be worth while to read the fine print on that computation and adjust your precip as required.

Yes, use the slider menu on the left and select ‘Custom Nozzles’. From there you can add/update/delete.


That was it thanks.

Now I have all the flows in a chart from rainbird. They are head to head half arc. Still says .34 square inch an hour “square”. I learn more and get increasingly confused! :grinning: