Adding custom nozzle: 1 GPM tree bubler


I am new to rachio and I am trying to start. I have a few zones with 1-2 GPM tree bubbles (yes gallons per minute, not a drip line, but similar to Toro 570 Flood Bubbler).

Based on my understanding, I just add new nozzle, but what do I add for the flow rate? What is it measured in?



This should help with the conversion from GPM to in/hr.

We want to make this a calculator in the app, hoping to build that in a future release.


Thank you.

So just to confirm

1 GPM= 96.3 in/hr
2 GPM=192.6 in/hr


When I am trying to enter this into the app, I am getting the error that I can not enter > 20 in/hr

@kutsyy, wow, your emitters are dumping some water! Do you know the total square footage of the area the bubblers waters? At 1 GPM, I’d assume there’s some surface accumulation that spreads before the soil absorbs it all.

Correct, we max precipitation rates at 20 in/hour. However, if the square footage of the bubbler coverage is changed from 1 square foot to 10 square feet, then the PR is only 19.25.

Here’s a spreadsheet that makes the math easy :wink:

Hope this helps. Are the bubblers adjustable? If so, they usually “click” as you turn them and you could figure out how many clicks they are closed. i.e. 10 clicks to close, but set to 5 clicks from max = 50%, therefore your GPM is only .5 GPM

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Well, I was able to find .25 GPM replacement. It is the smallest the tree bublers can go. Based on the math above

.25 GPM= 24.1 in/hr

Which is close to 20 max you have, so should work.

It would be nice to have default support for the tree bublers since it is one of the most common nozzles.

@kutsyy, thanks for the update. I’ll revisit this with the product team for our spring release. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

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