Adding a PWSWeather station to the Rachio WI+ map?

I see several posts here about using a utility to add WU stations to the WI+ available stations by porting it over to a PWSWeather station, but I don’t see anything about getting the station added if it’s already a PWS station.

I recently swapped out my weather station, and ended up giving it a new station name. The station has been live on since Monday (live on wunderground for longer than that), but I don’t see it in the Rachio Weather Intelligence Plus map either on the web interface or in the app.

Is there any thing I need to do to get the station to register? It’s at:


@kflick It usually can take up to a week for the WU stations to show up in WI+.

If it is still not showing up by Monday I can have the engineering team reach out to IBM WU.