Added Drip to Flex Daily Schedule

I added my drip line to the Flex Daily Schedule since Rachio release said it could handle that now and treat it differently than the turf. However, it tells me it wants to run the drip for 4.5 hours! I’m assuming that’s a glitch, but wanted to hear if anyone else had that problem. I clearly don’t want it to run for 4.5 hours, so gotta make sure it doesn’t go nuts. :slight_smile:

Flex daily has always been able to do drip. The run time is completely based on the parameters you entered. Depending on what size emitters yoi have, 4.5 hours might not be out of line. My drip for my trees runs for 3h 45m.

Can you post up your settings?


This might be to fully saturate and deep water. Rest assured, it won’t run it every time the schedule goes. It will skip it often. Never the less, check your head flow rates and such.