Add Weather Intelligence Plus to Non-Gen 3 devices

Please add support on the back end for Weather Intelligence Plus for the generation 1 and 2 devices.

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@Michael_I, I’m interested to hear why this isn’t possible with the older devices. Unless I’m wrong this should be something done in the backend, not on the actual devices.

My rachio 2 was upgraded tonight to support weather intelligent plus. Thanks! :grinning:

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My Rachio upgraded to Intel Plus, but I can no longer select a local station WX25011 as my local station. Wx25011 has been very accurate and I would like to continue using it. This afternoon my rain gauge reported approx .40 inches, wx25011 reported .38 inches, Intel plus reported .06 inches. How can I go back to using Wx25011 as my local station?

While you can no longer go back to using Wx25011 station, which resides on pwsweather network, Intelligence plus allows you to access weather underground network. You’ll need to get to the screen where you can choose a weather station, either on your phone, or via Switch from “Weather Network” option to “Weather Station”, and look for your WU station KCOLITTL773.

Thanks Gene.

I went back and read my old messages to you asking for an add and then realized kcolittl773 was my starting point.

I’ll now do some reading on Intel Plus to get up to speed on it. The upgrade happened autonomously on my account without any supporting info so I was a little perplexed as how to proceed.

Thanks for quick reply.