Add to queue on manual quick runs

I just bought the Rachio3 and love your product!! A friend of mine just revived an old sprinkler system and told him he has to buy the Rachio3. There are times when I want Rachio to handle all of the regular watering zones which it shines and I do love the concept of quick runs, however, a feature I wish was there on the app was the ability to add a zone run to a already running quick run…almost like an add to queue feature. Currently, when I run a quick run and I want to add some additional time to a new zone, I have to wait for the existing run to complete. I guess I could create a really short term schedule however that would seem like overkill.

Would love to hear from the community to see if this would be a helpful feature!

Sounds like a good idea. I usually will quick run multiple zones, but instead of adding time while it is running, I will manually tell it to go to the next zone.