Add setting for growth temperature threshold

It would be nice to have a temperature option to prevent irrigation when plants are below their active growth temperature in addition to the freeze skip option. Maybe per zone option based on plants or turf in the zone. It would be helpful to have either an automatic or manual option to configure for the minimum temp for turf growth and before watering make sure the high exceeds this growth threshold.

An example of the way the weather is in my state. If we have a day where the low is 38 and the high is 45 then the system wouldn’t do a freeze skip even though my turf doesn’t grow below 55. This water is wasted because the turf is dormant. I can raise the freeze threshold to 45 but the problem is there are days were low is 40 and the high is in the 60s. This would cause a freeze skip with active turf growth. By having a separate irrigation skip of the high doesn’t reach turf growth temperatures this would solve the issue. It would also mean during our sometimes mild Texas winters Iro wouldn’t be wasting water on a dormant lawn while being more automated.


I love this idea!

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