Add seconds to the timer?

Can you pleeeease add seconds to the timer? I use the rachio for watering the lawn and drip irrigation. The rachio is better than the hose timers for drip because the hose timers cause water hammer (and rachio has a setting that stops water hammer). BUT not being able to set the timer for 15 or 30 seconds is really limiting. With drip irrigation there are situations where you really need less than a minute or a time that’s between minutes. You can use lower flow emitters for individual pots but if you’re using tubing with spaced holes (like for a planter) that’s not an option. Sometimes a whole minute means the planter is sopping wet.

Right now I feel like I have to choose between house shaking water hammer or water runoff and soggy roots. PLEASE add seconds to the timer. You could even put it under a Drip setting so it doesn’t show up unless the user has enabled that function (so it won’t confuse the average lawn user)

Perhaps an expansion tank in your irrigation lines would help with the water hammer? Something like the tank for water expansion near your hot water heater maybe? Or even a simple vertical air-filled pipe in the system for the same purpose?

I’m honestly not quite following. I don’t understand how drip hose running for less than 1 minute can flood your planters.

Either way, I think if you have water hammer that bad, I’d look into options that @SalisburySam recommended to fix the issue.

I do use water hammer arrestors but they wear out every 4-6 months. I think any more permanent fix will end up being more money than I want to shell out. Thanks for the suggestion!

I have smaller raised flower boxes so they water quickly (I.e. they don’t need a full minute of drip irrigation). By the time we get to a minute they’re dripping on the floor below. But even apart from the established flowers it would be such a nice feature to have more control over the time for when I’m starting seeds or seedlings (which need more frequent watering to keep the top soil moist but that frequent watering gets the lower soil too wet). AND for people who use the Rachio to control their mister system, a minute is a long time. I’ve seen more than a few posts of people with that particular situation requesting a “less than a minute” option.

It’s annoying because it would be sooo easy for them to add, and it’s not like this thing is cheap.