Add remove zones on schedule

I would really like the ability to add and remove zones from my new schedule type as I migrate slowly to the new stuffs.

Having to recreate the schedule to add a new zone seems like I loose the run times I have tweaked in the schedule not to mention very heavy handed.

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Noted, many discussions on this topic since new zones added or removed could change frequency and or durations of other zones.

It was either provide a lot of warnings or pop-ups or just build new schedule, but I completely understand your point.

Product team is already designing new interface for next year and we will be revisiting.


Yea, I forgot to add a zone, just frustrating…

so if I have a new schedule set to water as needed and enable smart cycling and enable water intelligence and this is like old school flex?

Am I forced to take seasonal adjustments?

The adjustments will mainly be frequency, duration is not really modified. That plus climate skip should get you there. If you want run in parallel, would love concrete feedback regarding the two.


It’s on by default, toggle under weather intelligence.


Well that is not,what I meant to do

I’ll let you know

With the old WEB app ( I can add/remove and re-order zones in a schedule. This capability has apparently been removed in the new software, even for fixed schedules. I don’t see how adding/removing, and specially reordering zones would have any effect on the frequency or duration of other zones in the fixed schedule.

Yes, it might change the over all duration of the schedule (undoubtedly if a zone is added or removed!) But the frequency is determined by the fixed watering days.

I ran into this because I wanted to change the order of zone watering so that the zones likely to be watered when the “watering police” are awake were not visible from the street. (they are dinging me for getting 6 inches of the sidewalk wet!) Fortunately the flex web app still allows this.

The way this was handled in the old interface is perfect. Please reinstate it. At least for fixed and flex schedules.

Dude, had the same problem in iOS. @johnny2678 had to set me straight.

In iOS you have to go to the screen that lets you select the zones in the schedule. Press and hold then you can slide them up and down. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

Evading the water police, I like your style.

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No joy in Android, press and hold does nothing. No touch screen on my PC, so can’t try that in the WEB app :yum:

This looks to be when you are setting up the schedule. In my case I don’t want to delete and re-create it.

No, this is after a schedule has been setup. In your android app, click your schedule name -> zones -> click and drag. Works on my Nexus 6p.

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There is no “zones” to click on. I have “Durations” which takes me to the zone list. Once there all that I can do is click the + or - to change the durations. Galaxy S6.

This is a FIXED, not FLEX schedule. FLEX schedules are still using the old code where you can do this. (In the WEB app as well.)

Ahh, sorry. Just tried and can confirm that the order can’t be changed with a fixed schedule.


do the same thing but in the durations screen. at least on the ios app with a fixed schedule i can move them up and down in the durations screen.

edit: oh, i guess android called no joy.

This is a serious pain! Taking away my ability to add/remove zones from a watering schedule is a brain dead design decision IMHO.

Just an FYI, this feature has been put back into our 2.6 software being released this week.

Specific day, interval, and flex schedules will now allow you to add/remove zones.

Thanks for your patience.