Add options for the desert!

It would be great to be able to do the following.
Enter the type of plants, I live in the desert so being able to put desert adapted plants is important.
Also when we change from summer to winter grass it needed at least 2 weeks of watering 3 times a day , then backing off, so the abilit6 to put a short term schedule would be nice.

Welcome to the community, @Cheryl1802. There are a number of desert dwellers here who are happy to help. Several put in winter lawns and have their systems dialed in for seasonal lawns. Their lawns are gorgeous. Spend some time reading the forum and it’s likely you’ll find discussions that answer your questions.

I have St. Augustine in my backyard, so I don’t plant a winter lawn. My front yard is xeriscaped with native or desert adapted plants. I have flowers, roses and an herb garden and plant a summer and winter vegetable garden. I also have citrus trees. I’d be happy to help.

Look for posts by @azdavidr, @tmcgahey, @Modawg2k, or @JPedrego.


Rachio doesn’t automatically manage overseeding, and I don’t really know if it is practical to have a “schedule” for this. Easy work around for this it to create 4-5 fixed schedules spaced throughout the day as you did with your old dumb controller. After a few weeks, you can delete the schedules, change the zones to cool season grass, shallow roots, and Rachio can then take over.

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These are just some of the features my old timer had. Ex: short term scheduling, designate newly planted vs mature plants, designate desert plant vs, higher water needing plants.
All are easy to work around with this new one. So far I Love this new timer!