Add more terminals with 24V supply power to feed external rain sensor!

Add additional terminals to feed 24V to an external rain sensor to avoid the use of an additional 24V power supply.

Agreed that would be nice as I couldn’t connect my rain delay up BUT I think the new “Weather Intelligence” mode could be far better and would make “rain” delay effectively redundant forever. I’m hoping the app will get enhanced to track the “Weather Intelligence” status over time for all of us so even if we don’t use it, we can check to see if it would have come on when we’d have expected it to. I’m hoping, most of the history will be kept so if we come back from vacation we could see what it did for instance.

@franky_Brit‌ That’s the plan!

Glad to hear that this could be an upcoming hardware version feature!

Hello Chris … very nice product. How long until the power supply for an external rain sensor gets built into the system to avoid the need to purchase a separate supply?

@Chairman001 We have been doing some testing and our product does support wireless rain sensors!

Here is some more information:

We’ve tested the main three models (rain bird, hunter, toro/irritrol) and they all work.

If you need any help contact and we can help.

Thanks and have a great day!

Hi franz … thanks for the quick response! In my case, I have a Hunter mini-clik which is powered by the controller. It was my understanding that with the Iro, I would need to purchase a separate power supply to power the rain sensor. In other words, Iro did not have the ability to supply power to the wired rain sensor.

@Chairman001 I’m pretty sure you can use that one with Iro today. It’s not powered in the sense that it requires an external power-supply (like some wireless rain sensors do) – it’s simply a mechanical switch that opens (i.e. breaks the electrical connection) when the internal foam discs get wet from rain. That kills power to the valves. They call this a “normally closed” (NC) sensor, and it is supported by the Iro . I used to have one of the Mini-cliks when I had a Pro-C, and I use a similar sensor now with my Iro. One of the Rachio guys can probably confirm this. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Looking at your top right photo, only those top two “SEN” wires (red/white) correspond to your Mini-Clik rain sensor. You can plug those into Iro. The next wire “REM” is for the Hunter SmartPort/remote, and the next two “AC1”/“AC2” are your 24VAC connections which comes from your power supply (the 2nd set of wires on AC1/AC2 goes to the Hunter SmartPort/remote). At least that’s the way it was on my Pro-C. You obviously won’t connect any of the SmartPort/remote wires to Iro.

Hi @Chairman001, yes the Iro does support the Hunter mini-clik, please see the wiring diagram below:

As @ramblinwreck mentioned,

To connect the Hunter mini-clik, please only transfer the top two “SEN” wires (red/white) correspond to your Mini-Clik rain sensor. The other wires below it shouldn’t be going to the rain sensor, but if they do, please let me know and we’ll figure it out.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, Emil