Add Moisture Level to Manual Watering Screen

We recently purchased the 16-zone gen 2 Rachio controller and primarily use Flexible Daily schedule. Love the product and the app!

We know current moisture levels are displayed on the Yard Card, but that requires going into /out of each zone to see the moisture level for a zone.

We would like to see two new features added to the app:

  • Add a bar graph on the Graphs page showing current moisture level by active zone
  • Add the current moisture level of each zone in parenthesis next to the zone name on the manual watering screen

The bar graph would be helpful to see how moisture levels compare by zone. Adding the moisture level to the manual watering screen would be helpful during manual watering decisions.


Love the idea @mark2282! I think it would be helpful to make moisture levels more visible!

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I agree, I love this idea!

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