Add Installer tools to the app

I installed my 10th Rachio this week. Although i find the zone setup tool to be useful as an installer I would like to see other tools available. One tool that would come to mind would be a master valve test. Or perhaps a valve finder feature. Although sprinkler wire is color coded few installers bother following a sequence other than black and white for the common and master. When your dealing with more than a few valves on a manifold or in the ground it would be helpful to rapidly power cycle a valve so you can hear and FEEL which valve physically corresponds to the valve your testing on the app. I would call it a valve finder tool. Would offer the available to test zones with or without the master valve engaging. Looking for a rapid click/click/click/click/click/click that you’ll be able to feel. Another great installer tool to add would be a more rapid zone test tool. Press on button and it would rapidly click zone 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 so you can test your wiring during installation before you start closing everything up. Im sure theres more you can add.

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The valve locator is an awesome idea. Since I don’t use the type of controllers that have them built in, I actually just make my own by installing a 5watt diode inline with the common wire.

Be sure to turn the water off at the main valve and you can get them to click for you by using the diode.

Awesome suggestions, @Mmrogge! Thank you so much :slight_smile: The rapid zone test tool is interesting. I’ll pass this all along to the team!

Happy Monday!