Add Growth, Dollar Spot, Planning, Logbook Features

This is a suggestion to add more environmental and management information to the app and product. Make the app the all encompassing lawn maintenance portal.

I personally have done a lot of study in the Turf Management area. There are some very simple calculations and charts that can help users understand their Turf better.

A Growth Potential chart. You have the local temperature information, simply calculate and present the Growth Potential for a Warm or Cool season grass. Knowing when your turf should be growing and when it’s stressed helps users understand when and why.

Another easy calculation and chart is the Smith-Kerns Dollar Spot Probability. This is important for Fungicide planning and applications. Warm season grasses like Zoysia are more susceptible to these diseases, and additional planning is needed.

No different than a reminder from NEST to change a filter, the app could be enhanced to remind or notify owners of conditions or fertilizer schedules.

Soil test results and turf demands are also important. This helps people understand what they SHOULD and should not be putting on their lawns.
Great information on Turf Hacker’s Blog -MLSN Method

Being able to take notes about observations or applications made to the turf would be nice.

I love my Rachio, now let’s make it even better!



Thanks for the useful information @Toneus. We are looking into this and more for next year.

Very informative!



This is something I suggested a while back as well. I love the idea of being able to log information about my lawn/garden within the app. Currently, I use Day One but it isn’t made for lawn/garden.

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+1 for the logbook feature!