Add current status of the rain sensor and firmware version to main display

On the top of the main screen of the new app it would be awesome to show:

  1. The current firmware version of the Iro. Maybe right underneath the
    graphic, or under the ‘Device Settings’ menu where ‘Serial Number’ and
    ‘MAC Address’ are shown?

  2. The current status of the rain sensor (if connected). Right now I
    have to drill down through to the ‘Device Updates’ in history to
    determine the current status. While this is not terrible, it would be
    great to see at a glance the current status on the home page (Activated |


@ted_chappell, could I ask what you would do with the firmware version info?

Thanks for the suggestions.

Good idee

I would compare current firmware to see if maybe an update had occurred. For instance today I had a sprinkling failure. Maybe the fault of the internet connection, maybe not. If I knew the fix for the internet connection issue was installed then I would know to look elsewhere.

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Gotcha. Thanks.

We currently don’t provide the firmware version number, but we’ll take that into consideration. Firmware is pushed automatically whenever it’s updated (which isn’t very often).

Have a great day!

Hi @benblackmer. Honestly my initial thought on knowing the firmware version was my own geeky curiosity, but @sbillard makes a good point regarding troubleshooting that is probably in line with my subconcious reasoning for this. Most (if not all) other smart devices I own (Nest, Vizio TV, Sony DVD, etc) all publish the current firmware version. For those that push out required (i.e. involuntary) firmware updates (like Nest) they communicate that information beforehand and provide the basic release notes.

I think it’s also important for companies (Rachio included) to remember that we (consumers) have purchased and own these devices. Updating the firmware without a courtesy “virtual knock on the door” may rub some the wrong way.

Thanks for entertaining this idea! For what it’s worth what I really want is the current rain sensor status on the main page.


@ted_chappell, great suggestions. We do post the firmware updates in the forums, usually in Announcements, but your thoughts are heard.

Have a great day!

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Along these lines, I would like to suggest that the “Rain Sensor” status (in my case a soil moisture sensor status) be displayed graphically in the section which shows the “Online” status of the Rachio along side the “No Rain Delay” message. A red/green dot would be helpful because I can never remember if “Rain Sensor Activated” means it has enabled or disabled watering. A Red dot should mean it will NOT water, green will water, just like the Toro sensor displays. (if others think it should be reversed, then allow us to choose which we see in the prefs)


This is a great idea

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