Add CST wired ELF flow sensors?

I’ve been looking around for flow sensors with lower detection limits to accommodate drip line measuring. CST is making a line of enhanced low flow meters perfect for this, with detection ranges of 0.2-20 GPM, much lower than all meters listed on the supported meters page.

Can the following wired meter be added to the list?

make: CST
model: ELF-T75-P01 (3/4” PVC)
kfactor: 0.153
offset: 1.047

The ELF-T10-N01 (1” NPT) and ELF-T10-N02 (1” BSP) use the same kfactor and offset and round out the rest of the 2 wire frequency output models in the ELF line.

I’d also love a way to adjust the kfactor and offset in the app to allow for me to calibrate my flow sensor to my city water meter as needed.

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I’ll provide these suggestions to our product team.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


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Thanks! I’ve already got one on order. Once it’s in and installed, is there a way to do a custom kfactor and offset on the backend that would allow me to use the sensor while the product team evaluates? I’d be happy to help with that evaluation if any sort of testing needs to be done with the sensor.

Cheers and happy 4th!

I’ll talk to the team about that potential. It might create too many support tickets to open that up allowing for any settings :grin:


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These might suit me too. 3/4" and PVC low-flow. Sub’d.

Hello Sir! Any update on this one?

@franz is there any updates on this 0.75” low flow sensor integration please?