Add as needed schedule to ifttt

Hi all! I wanted to suggest adding as needed schedule updates to ifttt so that you can move up or push back a schedule if a watering schedule falls on the weekend. I want to be able to avoid the weekend but not actually skip especially as we get into the heat of the summer. Ideally, it would be nice to do something similar to what flex did where if I deselected Saturday and Sunday, it would figure out if it needed to move up the schedule to Friday or if it could push to Monday.

@Cjk That was our original plan for water as needed, but unfortunately for now it doesn’t support restrictions. We are rebuilding our calendaring model and at some point will be able to do exactly that. I think that type of schedule for a lot of users will be preferable due to its predictable nature.

If flex was working for you, it’s coming back with a vengeance in our very next software release :wink:, and you can create one now (if you deleted) at