Add Ability to Save Disabled Flexible Schedule

I created a Flex Daily schedule for all my zones, then decided I wanted to try separating them out one for the lawn and one for shrubs/trees. I discovered that it wouldn’t let me create a new flexible schedule without deleting the first one, even if I had it disabled.

I understand that it would cause problems if one had more than one active flexible schedules, but it seems to me that as long as a schedule is not enabled, it should be ignored and one should be able to create another flexible schedule.

I think there are a number of reasons why one might want to do this. In my example I might decide that the two schedule system didn’t work out and I want to go back to my original design. This would save me the trouble of having to recreate the initial schedule. I also might want to make various modifications. For example, in my initial design I set the watering days as everyday but Thursdays as that was the day of the week my lawn gets mowed, but if it ever changed, I’d want to save the old one in case I ever wanted to go back.

Maybe this should be another topic, but I think one should be able to create a new schedule by copying an existing schedule and modifying it. Especially if one has taken the time to add in the advanced settings it could save a lot of time.

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I have more than one Flex Daily schedule, one for my lawns, one for shrub gardens. I need this since I have watering restrictions for lawn watering - they can only water 2 days a week.

I think since you have all zones on your Flex schedule, it will not let you create a second one. Take a few zones off of the flex shed, then you should be able to create a second one. You can only add a zone to a flex schedule only if it is not already on another flex schedule. It will not let a zone be on 2 flex schedules at once.

Not sure if this rule applies to disabled schedules, but based on your experience, sounds like it does.

Thanks, you’re right, you can create multiple flex schedules as long as the zones don’t overlap. I hadn’t realized that.

I still think my suggestion is a useful one, though.

I agree 100% with your suggestions. I found out early on that I cannot create two Flex Daily schedules that include the same zones, and feel it is limiting for all the reasons you mention. I too was trying different variables, then looking at the resultant schedules, to understand the program’s operation better. And Save Schedule As… like a file, with a new name, is a great idea too. All we’d need is a big red warning stating “MULTIPLE FLEX DAILY SCHEDULES ARE ENABLED - NO WATERING WILL OCCUR!”, until you disable all but one of them.

As a workaround to learning the program and comparing things, I created several Zones that don’t exist on my house or controller, so I can play with them and compare them with other zones’ schedules. Rachio doesn’t care about non-existent zones; it just can’t actually water them. :wink: