Add-a-zone Compatability

Hi guys,
I recently switched out my Rain bird for the rachio 3. I figured out my previous unit had a Add-a-zone connected to it, but that zone no longer appears to be working. I was wondering if anyone has been able to get add-a-zone to work with the rachio 3 thanks!

Those work just by splicing two valves into 1 wire (plus common) back to the controller, so both zones fire at the same time. If the splice is still in tact at the valve end, I really don’t see why it wouldn’t still work if the “main” zone is working fine. Rachio works fine with up to 3 valves firing at the same time (3 zones, or 2 zones and a master valve).

EDIT: I looked that exact unit up and it runs the zones independently, and in theory, it should work, since you plug the transmitter portion into 2 zones within Rachio.

If I remember correctly on how they work, the zones should be the same soil type, sun exposure, evaporation, etc. as if they get out of sync, it may not water the right one. In other words, if you turn one zone on manually for 20 min to play in the sprinklers, you should do the same thing to the other zone right after.

I have an add a zone on my Rachio 3 and it works great. Did you figure out your problem?

I did not. Im not sure if it is a field wires at this point as the zone works manually.