Add a full run for a day or 2 later?

I have my R3 set to Flex Daily, but my landscape guy wants ALL zones to run on Saturday->Sunday. Is there a way to set that up?

Hi @lrosenman!

Thank you for posting. I would like to learn more about your request. From what I understand your landscape professional wants you to water only on Saturday and Sunday, but you would like to utilize the Flex Daily schedule.

Flex Daily works best when there is at least 4 allowed watering days. This is because Flex Daily monitors your soil’s moisture levels and waters each zone based on each zone’s advanced settings and weather conditions. There is a great video at the top of this Help Center article and then I recommend reading this article on how Flex Daily schedules work.

You will get the best results if you allow Flex Daily to determine the right times to water. If you do want the schedule to water on specific days, a Fixed schedule is the best option. Keep in mind that our Fixed schedule features Weather Intelligence like Rain Skip and Saturation Skip - which will help you save water by skipping schedule runs during precipitation and when we determine that the ground is adequately moist.

Is there a specific benefit of Flex Daily that interests you?

No, Flex daily works great for me, he just fertilized and weed pre-emergant, and wants all zones to run THIS SATURDAY (it’s a scheduled for partial).

This is a one-time request.

I wound up just triggering a quick run, and that did it.

Got it. Thank you for clarifying. It is great that you are running Flex Daily since Flex Daily will capture that quick run event and water accordingly!