Adapter plug in, then loses power

Rachio 2. I plug in power adapter and first blue light illuminates for a second then dims out and unit has no power. I’ve tested adapter with multi meter and plugged in brand new Rachio replacement transformer and it does the same.

When I use a lower powered transformer, the controller maintains power and can turn on a sprinkler valve however cannot turn it off (controller thinks it is off as run stops). I have to unplug the unit to turn it off manually.

Solution? Is controller bad?

@KDE - for the lower powered transformer, is it a DC transformer. This is how Rachio performs when it has a DC transformer instead of an AC transformer. Not sure why the Rachio transformers aren’t working. Does the multi-meter show AC voltage coming from the Rachio transformers?

Hi, yes… confirmed AC adapter.

@KDE - got me. I might try disconnecting all the wires from the Rachio and plugging in the Rachio transformer to see if it stays on. If so, then connect the common wire and one zone (and master valve if needed) and try to run that zone.

Otherwise I’d contact Rachio support. Yes, there is a chance the controller is shot.

@Gene - any ideas?

How was AC confirmed? Can you please include the photo of the label on the transformer?

It is possible that the triac driving your zone has shorted out, but in that case zone would be active when ever power is present, DC supply is the most likely cause.

The adapter on the left is what I purchased off Amazon. The adapter on the right came with the unit. Both test ok with a multimeter for AC voltage. I live in the US.

Seems you are en exception to the rule, 99 out of a 100 times the symptoms such as yours can be explained with a dc supply.
I guess we need to figure out why one transformer can’t power the unit, while the other can; at least on labels they both have the same output rating.
Are you comfy with a screwdriver. Can you open up the unit to inspect for any visual damage in the pcb?

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