Acurite and Meteobridge

I followed the instructions located here: and it seems like it is communicating with Weather Underground and PWS Weather as you can see here:

The issue is I don’t see any data. When I look at the meteobridge live history it’s blank. So although it’s communicating it’s not uploading any data. I have it set to upload every 5 minutes. Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Check and see what your weather station options might be. Do you have a nearby airport station you can use? I am 2.33 miles from Wiley Post airport and that data is very reliable.

Hi, @steelersmb. When the Hubs gave me an AcuRite as a surprise, I looked into sharing data. For now, I decided I don’t need another hobby and not being sure if my AcuRite is calibrated correctly, I decided to wait until I had time on my hands with nothing else to do. (Yeah, right.)

Anyway, in the course of my researching how to do this, I ran across the AcuRite community

There’s lots of information there and perhaps posting your question to that community will provide you with the help you need and answer your question about the meteobridge. Alternately, there is a meteobridge knowledge base here:

I’d be curious to know how you solve the problem. Good luck!

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You guys are speaking foreign jargon. What is a meteobridge? If you are using your own weather station, do you have a scheduled maintenance and calibration schedule? I am wary of using data from any other station than a national weather service station like Wiley Post airport. A biometeorologist I met says “Garbage in, garbage out,” when it comes to private residential weather stations.

So I got everything working and it’s all good.

robertokc - meteobridge allows you to update PWS Weather using Acurite. If you click on the link on my first post you will find out what I am referring to.



For others, was there anything specific you had to do?



No, I just reset everything. It just takes some time for the data to start populating. I just wasn’t being patient enough :frowning: