Actual Minutes Used

I’d like to see the app reporting how many minutes the valves were actually open rather than the total time the schedule ran. I have a flex schedule that tells me it ran for 148 minutes, but with all the soak cycles built in, it’s very cumbersome to figure out exactly how long the water was running. I know I can manually add up each run time in the schedule history, but that is a PITA.


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It may not be ideal, but you can look at each zone individually and it will tell you the time that zone ran (without the soak cycles). Just scroll down in the zone to usage.

Here’s what one of my zones shows for May:

Thanks, I guess that’ll work for now :slight_smile:

Just dawned on me that another easy way to see what the durations are going to be for all your zones is to go to the schedule, and then go to “Water Duration” and all the durations will be listed together.

Here are my lawn zones: