Activate Pump with Cleverio Z-wave smartplug

Hi Guys

I have a Rachio V2 16 port controller. I have a Elpump JBV 2000B (220V, 2000w) waterpump. The waterpump is connected to a Cleverio Z-wave (220V, max 3000w) smartplug that can be used with my Athom Homey.

I tried to find a pump relay that hade enough power for my pump but they were way to high price.

I want to automaticly activate the pump with my smartplug when I activate the zoones in Rachio?

Elpump JPV 2000B,

Sorry for my bad spelling… Im Swedish…
Best regards Arvid

2000W @ 220V requires under 10 Amps, in reality any start relay will be sufficient for your needs, such as 57009 pump relay from orbit, which is rated up to 25Amps.

Don’t worry about the 2HP @ 240V that they advertise (technically, you have 2.6HP), most of this is marketing to keep selling a a more expensive relay, rated for 40 Amps. Remember that the cheaper relay is rated for 25 Amps, whereas you need less than 10.

If you can find a 57009 relay, I recommend you install it in parallel with your Cleverio Z-wave smart plug. Having Rachio directly control the relay is the most reliable way to take care of your irrigation.

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